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Caring for Alvies Deerskin Boots

By David Callaway,
Caring for Alvies Deerskin Boots

Deerskin is a great choice for boots because it’s beautiful, soft yet durable, and breaks in quickly. It’s also breathable, making it really shine as a summer boot. 

As a softer leather, deerskin will pick up scuffs a little easier than other skins. It’s still durable, but maybe don’t take your new deerskin boots to the construction site or other rough-and-tumble locales.

We recommend conditioning your Alvies deerskin boots 1–2 times a year to keep the leather tip top. You should also condition any time the leather gets soaked with water. Here’s how: 

Step 1: Clean 'Em

Start by removing surface dirt and dust with a horsehair brush, then use a damp cotton cloth to remove anything caked on. For heavier dirt, you can also use light soap. 

Step 2: Protect 'Em

While your deerskin boots are still damp, use a soft rag to apply a light coat of quality leather conditioner (we love Bickmore Bick 4) all over the outside of your boot. Use light coats so you don’t clog the leather or cracks.

Step 3: Polish 'Em

If you’ve got a hot date or just prefer a shiny boot, polish with a matching color or neutral crème. Apply in circular motions until you see a shiny haze on the boot — do this until the entire boot has been coated. Let the polish dry, then brush off with a soft cloth. 

For water protection, add a light coat of non-silicone stain and water protector with a soft cloth.

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