try them on, you’ll see how easy it is to pull them off

Alvies represents the unique balance of our hometown — Austin, Texas. Cowboys and hippies. Work and leisure. Style and comfort. Tex and Mex. They all melt together like a delicious queso.

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BFG Limited Edition

Introducing the BFG, a limited-edition boot we designed with legendary front man from ZZ Top and noted beard-grower Billy F Gibbons.

When you buy from Alvies, you’re not just doing good for your feet — you’re doing good for the community. We send a percentage of each sale to worthy causes through our Alvies Kicks Back program.

Break In Fast

Designed to break in fast. Real fast. After just a few days, they’ll feel like they’ve been part of your life for years.

Built to last

Real craftsmanship means our boots aren't just handmade, they are made to be handed down.

Designed for life

You’re set for any occasion — from tubing on the Red River to schmoozing on the red carpet.

Four Generations in the Making (kind of) - A note from Alvie IV

I didn’t set out to create a boot brand, but something clicked inside after I inherited my grandpa Alvie Jr’s vintage boot collection. These bad boys made me feel special. They were comfortable, timeless, and go with whatever and wherever.

If a non-boot-wearer like me can fall in love with cowboy boots, then any boot-curious soul can find themselves in a pair too. We launched Alvies to help you on that journey, and I can’t wait to hear what you think once you put on a pair.