Boots for All, Y’all

Don’t think you can pull off boots?

Alvies are designed to make anyone a boot person. And for those rare times when boots won’t do — hey, we have flip-flops. With a pair of each, you’re set for any occasion.

Boots & Flops — What’s That About?

Boots and flip-flops are the unofficial footwear of Austin, where comfort and style are drinking buddies.

Your go-to footwear, no matter where you’re going to

Alvies is on a mission to make boots and flip-flops your footwear of choice. Our thing:

  1. Make good-looking, comfortable shoes that people want to wear every day
  2. Build them with quality leather and craftsmanship so they last forever
  3. People will spend less on shoes and more on life

Break In Fast

Usually, boots and flops can take a while to fully break in and become comfortable. Alvie designed these to break in fast. Real fast. After just a few days, they’ll feel like they’ve been part of your life for years.

Built to last

Real craftsmanship means having something you can pass down to the next generation. Break the vicious two-year cycle of shoe buying, and invest that extra cash in going somewhere you’ve never been or doing something you’ve never done.

Designed for life

Because they’re so comfortable and long-lasting, Alvies are meant to be worn every day — day after day. With a pair of boots and a pair of flops, you’re set for any occasion — from tubing on the Red River to schmoozing on the red carpet.