Caring for Alvies python boots

Alvies 6th St, a badass Python cowboy boot for badasses

Python boots have long been associated with badasses. Alvies python boots are made from high-quality leather that will ensure a lifetime of badassery — and then some.

Your boots can look great for years with hardly any effort. But if they get dirty, here’s how to clean them without drying them out:

  1. To clean dust or dirt from your boots, plain water is all you need. Just slightly dampen a soft cotton cloth, then wipe in the direction of the scales. Using soap or too much water will dry out the scales and make them curl backwards.
  2. Use a soft sable brush to remove any dirt or dust from beneath the scales. Be careful not to lift the scales.
  3. Apply exotic conditioner (we love Bickmore Exotic) if you want to condition your boots. Whatever product you choose should be formulated for snakeskin, which needs a very light conditioner.
  4. UV light is the mortal enemy of python leather. Keep your boots in a cool, dark environment when not wearing them. Don’t store them in plastic where they won’t get air — pythons are the ones who do the suffocating, not the other way around. At home, the best place to keep them is your Alvies box.


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