Charley Crockett - Welcome to Hard Times

Charley Crockett - Welcome to Hard Times

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One of our goals at Alvies is to be a cowboy boot company for non-cowboys — to challenge the stereotype that you have to sport a huge belt buckle and a drawl to enjoy wearing boots. So we were selective when considering country music artists for our Waterloo collaboration.

But everyone at Alvies HQ (aka The Boot Cave) agreed that we had to include Charley Crockett’s new record. Similar to what we’re trying to do with boots, Crockett set out to make an album that would challenge the ideas of what country music is and can be. And did just that. While we think everything he has released since moving to Austin in 2017 has been great, Welcome to Hard Times is possibly his best work yet.

His intent was to make a more eclectic record, like the country albums of the 50s and 60s that paired rhumba beats with honky tonk, blues with cha-cha. The result is something that can’t easily be pigeon-holed, but that producer Mark Neill calls “dark gothic country.” The sound draws on honky tonk piano, blues and soul blended together with country into something all its own — something that must be heard.

A Side

Welcome to Hard Times
Run Horse Run
Don’t Cry
Tennessee Special
Fool Somebody Else
Lilly My Dear
Wreck Me

B Side

Heads You Win
Rainin’ in My Heart
Paint it Blue
Blackjack County Chain
The Man That Time Forgot
The Poplar Tree

Together We Rock

Waterloo Records is an Austin institution. The musical wizards there have been slanging albums and advice since 1982. So when we wanted to highlight some of the music that makes us tap our booted and flip-flopped toes, we of course asked them to help. All the albums highlighted here are curated and sold by Waterloo through the Alvies store.