Artist Series - Laree Evelyn
Artist Series - Laree Evelyn
Artist Series - Laree Evelyn
Artist Series - Laree Evelyn
Artist Series - Laree Evelyn
Artist Series - Laree Evelyn
Artist Series - Laree Evelyn
Artist Series - Laree Evelyn
Artist Series - Laree Evelyn
Artist Series - Laree Evelyn
Artist Series - Laree Evelyn
Artist Series - Laree Evelyn
Women’s Boots

Artist Series - Laree Evelyn

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Cowhide Leather
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Alvies x Laree Evelyn

Rooted in timeless style and expression, Laree is known for her bold paintings and prints that are inspired by dreams, ancient art, and feelings. We love the juxtaposition of her strong colors, and straight lines, against the classic curves of The Rainey. But whatever reason you love ‘em is okay with us. Here is what Laree had to say about her inspiration:

“At the beginning of the pandemic, in the stillness and isolation, everything I had been running from caught up with me. All of the memories and emotions I had carefully avoided showed up all at once. Overwhelmed, I started painting giant shapes. Moving the shapes around until there was calmness. Placing them in benign order, letting that place inside me that had no words speak to my eyes in our own brutal and bright language. That language told stories, stories of life, death, and rebirth. Stories of healing.

My ancestors are indigenous to California and Mexico. Growing up my family would tell complex stories about the land and their ties to it. There was pain and loss when talking about how it had been taken. But there was love and pride when they showed me how to work with the clay to bring seeds to life and how to trust in the cycles of the land. I heard these stories, and they moved me. They grew with me. As I started painting, themes of the cycles of nature started to come through. Stories of death and rebirth, winter and spring, cold earth and harvest. In many of these paintings, I would start to notice patterns emerge similar to the blankets, beadwork, and pottery of my ancestors. I cherish these patterns, and today I share them with you.”

Laree Evelyn, Austin, TX

Hand built. Hand painted.

Always a fan of all things hand-made, anything expressing creativity or individuality, and going out of our way to shine a light on those making their own way, we're more than proud (even a little tickled) to present the first-possibly-something-annual Alvies Artist Series. We asked nine of our favorite artists to bring our best-selling boot, The Rainey, to life in their own unique story. We're proud to show-off their work of art, and offer (extremely) limited pairs (some sizes are 1 of 1) for sale, only at

Fast Break-In Fit 

Our boots break in quickly thanks to a wider toe. After just a few days, they’ll feel like an old friend.

Blue heel stripe

Why? It lets everyone know you roll with Alvies. “If there’s no blue stripe, it’s not worth the hype.” — Willy Shakespeare

1-A Toebug 

You’ll only find this beautiful stitching pattern on Alvies boots.

Signature Features

  • Built to last: A ¾ Goodyear welt, full leather toe and leather heel counter give you years and years of wear
  • Made with sole: A comfort insole with cork footbed plus leather midsole and outsole make Alvies boots easy on your feet
  • Zip it: Side zipper for easy on/off (also looks cool)
  • 100% leather: Full cowhide upper (vamp, counter, shaft, and lining)
  • Well heeled: Stacked leather heel, hard EVA middle lining, non-slip rubber bottom
  • Well toed: Classic J toe with a snipped bottom sole
  • Heel to pull strap: 7”
  • Shaft circumference: 12”-13”
  • Heel height: 1.75”

Handmade in León, Mexico

Alvies boots and leather flip-flops are made by one of the oldest and most respected bootmakers in León, the bootmaking capital of the world. History fact: León has been a shoemaking hub since 1645. Many of the bootmaking OGs in our ethical factory have been crafting boots by hand for decades. They use traditional methods and are paid a fair wage for their skills.