Women’s Boots

The Guadalupe

Cowhide leather
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All About The Guadalupe

When you see a boot girl out, she always seems to be having more fun than anyone else. She’s taking shots with the bartender while others are taking selfies. She’s holding down the jukebox with a mix of old school hip-hop and Texas outlaw country that just works together. She’s running the pool table, winning drinks off every sucker who steps up.

Boot girls seem like they’re just naturally confident, but here’s the thing — anyone can be a boot girl.

Alvies are designed to give anyone the confidence to pull off boots. And The Guadalupe is the boot that started it all, based on the classically styled, premium cowhide boots our founder’s grandfather wore. But built with Alvies’ Fast Break-In Fit so you can start being a boot girl right away, no suffering for fashion needed.

When you wear them to your favorite bar, people will ask where you got them. Maybe you tell them, maybe you don’t. Boot girls are like that.

Fast Break-In Fit 

Our boots break in quickly thanks to a wider toe box. After just a few days, they’ll feel like an old friend.

Blue heel stripe

Why? It lets everyone know you roll with Alvies. “If there’s no blue stripe, it’s not worth the hype.” — Willy Shakespeare

5-A stitching

You’ll only find this handsome stitching pattern on Alvies boots. The 5 As are for 5 generations of Alvies.

  • Handcrafted with a ¾ Goodyear welt
  • Well heeled: Stacked leather heel, hard EVA middle lining, non-slip rubber bottom
  • Made with sole: Comfort insole, leather midsole, leather outsole
  • 100% Leather: Cowhide upper (vamp, counter, shaft, and lining)
  • Classic J toe (always in style — the same that Grandpa Alvie wore) with a snipped bottom sole
  • Heel to pull strap: 12.5”
  • Shaft circumference: 14.5”-15.5”
  • Heel height: 1.5”

Handmade in León, Mexico

Alvies boots and leather flip-flops are made by one of the oldest and most respected bootmakers in León, the bootmaking capital of the world. History fact: León has been a shoemaking hub since 1645. Many of the bootmaking OGs in our ethical factory have been crafting boots by hand for decades. They use traditional methods and are paid a fair wage for their skills.

Kicking back to the community

Alvies sends a percentage of each sale to worthy causes. We're currently partnering with Health Alliance for Austin Musicians and the Southern Smoke Foundation's Austin Relief Fund to help Austinites impacted by the coronavirus shutdown. Learn more