Steppin' Out

An Interview with Billy F Gibbons

By David Callaway,
An Interview with Billy F Gibbons

As part of designing the BFG boot with Billy F Gibbons of ZZ Top, we got the amazing opportunity to sit down with him and ask a few questions. Hear about Billy's lifelong experience with cowboy boots, what he thinks people who don't wear cowboy boots are missing out on, why he partnered with us to make the BFG, and some of his favorite design details of the boots.

David Callaway

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David leads brand and creative here at Alvies. He’s a lifelong flip-flop wearer, and has always had a pair of cowboy boots for when he needed to dress it up. Until that fateful day when his dog chewed up his beloved boots. That dog’s ironic name: Cowboy. So when he got a chance to help sell cowboy boots and flip-flops, it seemed like a perfect match. Partly because he really needed a new pair of boots. An Austinite for more than 20 years, David blogs about the city’s best places to eat and drink, Alvies news, and other dope things.