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    We believe comfort is the most important detail when choosing a pair of boots. That is why we spent years working on the fit of our boots until we got them perfect. By listening to feedback from our customer's, advisors and ALVIES boot tester's, we were able to create some of the most comfortable western boots available on the market today.

    To find your ALVIES Boot fit, you first have to understand a couple of things about our boots:

    • ALVIES Boots are typically a 1/2 size smaller than your normal shoe size. If you wear a size 9, your ALVIES Boot size is usually an 8.5
    • If your feet are wide in width, you fit into your actual normal shoe size but we suggest always starting with a 1/2 size down

    It is important to understand how we develop the ALVIES Boot last in order to understand the fit. If you are unfamiliar with what a last is and don't know your width size for a western boot, we have included a definition as well as the traditional last sizes used by traditional boot makers.

    Boot last - A mechanical form that has a shape similar to that of a human foot. It is used by boot manufacturers to form the shape of the boot fit during the manufacturing of the boot.



      We designed the ALVIES Men's and Women's last to be forgiving so that anyone with a standard, wide or narrow foot can find comfort our boots. It was important for us to get the last perfect because all of our products are sold direct-to-consumer. To us, that meant our boots would need to be comfortable for all customers that shopped online or walked into our mobile-retail shops.

      We made a lot of small tweaks based on feedback that we received until we got our boot last to feel great with the majority of boot wears. Each of our testers had different boot width requirements and we continuously tested across a gambit of sizes and foot types.

      The final design for our men's boot was a last with a heel similar to a "D" width so your heel does not over slip. The toe is "similar to an "E" width so your toes are not bunched up and you have a little breathing room. The end product of our fit is known to be incredibly comfortable for almost every Male boot wearer, new or old.

      The design for the female boot was much easier.  We kept getting an array of positive feedback on a custom "B" last we tried. Lots of our women testers kept telling us these are the most comfortable boots they have ever put on, so naturally we felt we had it right early on. 

      The ALVIES boot fit is known as one the most comfortable boots on the market and the reason is because of our custom lasts and high quality leathers.

      Trying on ALVIES Boots:
      Rickshaw step by step guide to boot fitting

        1. Before putting on ALVIES boots put on a pair of long boot socks or athletic socks. Socks can often add a 1/2 a size to your shoe size so try on different socks to test out your ALVIES Boots.
        2. Find a carpeted area to walk on so you don't scrape up the boots. 
        3.  Slide your boots on one foot at a time. The first sign of a good fitting pair of ALVIES Boots happens when you pop your heel in when putting it on. If you're able to pop your heel in and not slide it in, you are off to a great start.
        4. Once you have both boots on, stand up. You will feel some differences when trying on boots for the first time but in time, these differences will make you love wearing boots that much more. You may also realize that you feet are different sizes (it's actually a very common thing) or that after wearing your boots, they fit different during different times of the day because of foot swelling.  Don't over evaluate either of these, your ALVIES Boots will form to both feet after a couple of wears.
        5. Now that you have both boots on, your foot should sit inside snug and comfortably.  Your heel should slip up and down in the back about a 1/2 an inch but you shouldn't be able to kick your boots off across the room.  Heel slipping is completely normal and our ALVIES leathers will eventually soften and form to the shape of your foot. 
        6. Your toes should fit comfortably in the boot with a little bit of wiggle room.
        7.  Your heel and the ball of your feet should not be too far up in the boot or too far back. 
        8. The top of your foot should fit more snug than normal shoes but shouldn't be uncomfortable.  
        9. After a couple wears, your boots will form to your foot and get more and more comfortable in time.