St. Vincent - Masseduction
St. Vincent - Masseduction

St. Vincent - Masseduction

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Opaque Pink Vinyl LP
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This is one of those albums you hear for the first time, then immediately put it back on, then want to listen to over and over again. Annie Clark is a talented songwriter who rocks incredibly hard and looks incredibly cool doing it. This pink vinyl pressing of Masseduction will also look incredibly cool in your record collection. Here’s what our friends from Waterloo have to say about it.

“Dallas-raised songwriter St. Vincent (Annie Clark)'s 2017 album Masseduction is as big and enticing as the title insists. From glam rock inspired hits like the record's title track and the hit ‘Los Ageless’ to the quieter and more intimate moments like ‘New York’ and ‘Slow Disco’, Clark sets out to question our ideas of seduction, sexuality and self.”

— Serenity Autumn, Waterloo Records

A Side

Hang On Me
Los Ageless
Happy Birthday, Johnny

B Side

New York
Fear The Future
Young Lover
Dancing With A Ghost
Slow Disco
Smoking Section

Together We Rock

Waterloo Records is an Austin institution. The musical wizards there have been slanging albums and advice since 1982. So when we wanted to highlight some of the music that makes us tap our booted and flip-flopped toes, we of course asked them to help. All the albums highlighted here are curated and sold by Waterloo through the Alvies store.